Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We use your personal data to assist us in answering your enquiry and to provide you with information about our products/services. We also process your personal data in order to provide you with the goods or services that you have ordered.

  • We respect your personal data and take its security very seriously.
  • We only hold what data we need for the purpose for which we obtained it.
  • We delete your data when it has reached the end of its retention period.
  • You have privacy rights.
  • We are happy to answer your questions. Our contact details can be found at the end of this notice.
  • We will not share your information with any other party other than those required to fulfil our legitimate business interest with you.

What data we hold
  • Enquiries and Quotes (Not Accepted): Name, Email, Contact Details - To respond to your enquiry.
  • Sample Requests: Name, Address, Email, Contact Details - To process and fulfill your sample request.
  • Purchases: Name, Address, Email, Contact Details, Payment Information - To process and fulfill your order.
  • Complaints and Compliments: Name, Address, Contact Details - To address your concern or feedback.
  • Marketing Consent: Name, Address, Email, IP Address - To send you marketing materials based on your consent.
  • Quotes and Purchases (Marketing): Name, Address, Email, IP Address - To send marketing emails after a quote or purchase (assuming consent is not withdrawn).
  • Marketing Opt-Out: Name, Email - To prevent sending you further marketing materials.

How we use your personal data

References to the legal basis for processing of your personal data (e.g. “(Basis: Art. 6(f).)”) are a reference to the article of the General Data Protection Regulation. Each piece of personal data that we process must have a legal basis.

To deal with enquiries or for a quote that you do not accept

If you call us or email us, we will follow up on your enquiry and see if there is a way in which we can help you. We delete all data after answering an enquiry if you do not choose to become a client/customer.

If you provide us with information for a quote and then do not accept the quotation, we will keep a record of your enquiry. We delete all data after answering an enquiry if you do not choose to become a client/customer.

(Basis: Art. 6(b): we need to use your details to follow up with you and this processing is necessary in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract. Art. 6(f): business planning is a legitimate activity for a business.)

If you purchase from us

In order to fulfil your order, we will need to process your data in order to send you the goods that you have ordered or to get the goods delivered to you. We need to process payment details in order to fulfil the contract, but never retain payment information such as card details. We will retain your personal data, excluding payment information, for ten years for warranty and customer service purposes. This provides for the legal requirement from HMRC to hold transactional information for seven years.
(Basis: Art. 6(b): processing is necessary for the performance of a contract)

Marketing information
  • We would like to send you information about our products and will send you this with your consent if you sign up to our marketing communications.
  • If you buy from us or have a quote from us, we will send you information about similar products or services. Our processing in this case is without your consent but you can always opt out at any time.
  • If you do opt out of marketing, we will keep your name and email address and mark them as ‘do not mail’ so that you will not receive any further marketing communications.